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Refunds for Registration Fees.

- All BattleCry Pre-Registration cancellation and refund requests must be made by the cancellation deadline of the 31st of January 2015.

- Pre-Registration cancellations and refunds will be processed within five business days.

- Refund requests received prior to the Pre-Registration deadline will be credited back to the owner, less any administrative fees.

- Refund requests received after the refund cancellation date may receive a partial system credit at the discretion of the BattleCry committee depending on the circumstances and the amount of cancellation notice. (System credit can be used towards the purchase of registration costs for any future BattleCry Conventions. It is non-transferrable, non-refundable and does not expire.)

- All BattleCry refunds are subject to a 5% administrative fee for the total sum of tickets refunded. There are no exceptions. For example, if you have $10.00 in tickets that need to be refunded, the administrative fee would be $0.50.

For any further information please contact us on