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Flames of War - Early War Grand Tournament 2012

Flames of War - Early War Grand Tournament 2012.

BattleFront Miniatures sponsored the prizes for this tournament.

Tournament Organiser was Gavin Van Rossum.

Flames of War Tournament Details:   Players Pack (updated 28-12-11)
Period: Early War
Army Lists: Up to 1500 points from Blitzkreig, Hellfire and Back and Burning Empires. Any Official EW PDFs that are not 'Under Review'. Single Company forces only. BF Official Adhesives for Blitzkreig and HFaB apply to all appropriate lists at BC2012 
With the impending release of Flames of War Version 3, Battlecry will be in the middle of the estimated arrival of the V3 Mini Rulebook. As such there will not have been sufficient time for all players to fully digest the system changes and improvements.

Battlecry Early War Grand Tournament 2012 was a FoW V2 tournament.

However BC2012 allowed the use of FoW V3 rules if BOTH players agree to use them to their fullest, including the missions. Mixing of v2 and v3 is not sane, nor allowed.

Victory Conditions: 
Generalship: 70%
Sportsmanship: 15%
Army: 15%
A component of the Army scoring is for a Unit History, to be submitted with your list. Informative, biographical, entertaining or the reasons you have chosen to field the force. 

Event Results: