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BattleCry. It started the first year that the America club was created at the University of Auckland in 1984. Since then there has been a BattleCry most years in one shape or form. Some were held on the University City Campus with just the club being involved. Some were a collaboration with other groups like the Auckland University Strategists and Tacticians Guild and the University Magic club. And others were held in places like Freeman's Bay Community Hall and over on the North Shore.

Since then BattleCry has become an even bigger collaboration with other Auckland gaming clubs and societies. 2014 was our 30th Anniversary event which was held at the ASB Stadium.

We are gathering information about events in the past and building up a History of BattleCry on our new website.

If you have any photos, tshirts with logos from BattleCry's in the past or remember the days when.... then please let us know on so we can add further to our history.

BattleCry’s in the past