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Talk The Spencer Carbine

There is a new group called the NZ Military Board-gamers and History Group formed recently and their first meet up is happening at BattleCry on Saturday 6:30pm in the Main Stadium. This is a free event. Please register via

Speaker: Lieutenant Colonel(rtd) Eric Stierna - US Army. Eric has a bachelors in materials engineering and masters in computer science. He has served in various command and staff, training, and R&D positions during more than 19 years of active military service. Eric has experience with the testing and development of airborne flight instrumentation, manned RW/FW aircraft, unmanned air/ground systems, wireless networks, human computer interfaces, formal methods in software design, machine learning and natural language text parsing applications.

Eric has an interest in military aviation, cavalry operations, and the role of technology in military conflict.
He will be talking on the following subject:

The Spencer Carbine - how this technology upgrade enhanced the firepower of the Union cavalry and two examples of the carbine's application in Civil War battles.
The talk is for 30 mins with some Q and A. And then we will have some time for some historical board games. All are welcome.