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Moderns details for 2014.

Tournament Organiser is confirmed as Kieran Mahony.

Yes there will be another Microarmour Moderns Battlecry tournament this year. The
timeline will be the same as last year with armies up to and including
1985 allowed. Al Donald has created update lists for most nations using the WRG 1950-2000 rules.

The main difference this year will be the rules we will use. There has
been some work on a local set of rules similar to WRG Moderns and one of the
aims of the tournament is to playtest the rules and so if you play, you
can help contribute to the rules and help iron out any bugs.

For more information contact the TO Kieran Mahony.

Sponsors for Moderns:


Tournament Entry Charges for 2014
Pre-registration - October 1st to November 30th 2013 $30

Anyone who pre-registers and pays before Nov 15th will receive a "Secret Gift", two extra free raffle tickets plus a chance to win a free Battlecry 2014 T-shirt.

Pre-registration - December 1st to January 26th $35

Anyone who pre-registers and pays after Nov 15th but before Jan 26th will receive one extra free raffle ticket.

Pre-registration - Paying On the Day option $45

To play in this tournament you must register before Jan 26th as Army lists must be submitted by Jan 26th. You must also be able to play in all 6 rounds over the two days of BattleCry.

For more information please email us on