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Wargaming at Battlecry 2015 will take place over the Saturday and Sunday. All listed events are 2 day events, unless stated. To compete in the 2 day events you must be able to play both days.

Location: All Wargaming tournaments and events will take place in designated areas on the Ground Floor or First Floor of the Remuera Bridge Club venue. Non-participants are encouraged to watch the events, but to do so froma distance so not to interupt tournament games.


Bolt Action (limited to 20 players)

Field of Glory Ancient/Medieval (limited to 20 players)

Field of Glory Napoleonics (limited to 16 players)

Flames of War (limited to 30 players)

Infinity (details to come)

Malifaux (1 day event - Saturday) (limited to 16 players)

Moderns (limit to 12 players)

Saga (1 day event - Sunday) (limited to 16 players)

Warhammer 40K (limited to 40 players)

Warhammer Fantasy "FluffyCon" (limited to 30 players)

Warmachine/Hordes (1 day event - Sunday) (limited to 24 players)

X-Wing (1 day event - Saturday) (limited to 16 players)


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