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Hidden Depths

Hidden Depths
Description: The students of Delorn University are the elite, the wealthy, the superior.
The spoiled, the selfish, the back-stabbing, the monstrous.
To them, San Salvador is just another glorious tourist playground for a tropical vacation. But what they find there will change their lives.
What secrets wait in the hidden depths… and what are they prepared to do to keep them?
*Winner of the Scenario Design Competiton for Battlecry 2011*

System: Dread (Jenga Tower)
System Knowledge Needed: None.
Players: 4 – 6
Game Style: Player vs Player, Horror, Paranoia,
Expected Running Time: 3 – 4 Hours
Warning: Grossly unsuitable for players under 18.
Contains violence, sexual themes, mature themes, drug use, and some generally horrible characters that might just get what’s coming to them. Players uncomfortable with player-vs-player games, backstabbing, and nastiness should stay clear.
Session 2: Saturday afternoon