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The Blackwater Rush

The Blackwater Rush
Description: In the treacherous foggy marshes of Blackwater, danger lurks everywhere. Blackroot miners hunt out valuable strikes of sap, hoping to avoid the attention of both pirates and the Loa.
A strike is the difference between sailing and sinking, and only the first one there mines the bounty.
With a rich strike on the line, can the crew of the Fortune’s Favour win this race, or are their hopes about to sink into the bogs?
GM: Jared Tannahill 
System: F.A.T.E – mid-complexity (specifically, Fate of the Stars Fantasy Companion ruleset)
System Knowledge Needed: FATE knowledge helps, but not required.
Players: 4 – 6
Game Style: Pirates-of-the-Carribean meets fantasy world setup. Action adventure, very light horror elements
Things needed by GM: A set of two differently coloured d6 for each player and GM.
Expected Running Time: 3 - 4 hours in the morning AND 3 - 4 hours in the afternoon.
"Please note this is an all-day game covering both sessions. Players must be prepared to play on both Sunday morning AND Sunday afternoon sessions."
Session 3 and 4: Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon