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Best Defense

Invitational Evening event - Saturday 6:30pm to 10pm Part One

Session Three - Sunday 9am - 1pm Part Two

Session Four - Sunday 1:30pm to 5:30pm Part Three

ADCP5-2 Best Defense 

There has long been a fragile peace between the shadowy forces of Netheril on one side and the Forest Kingdom of Cormyr and its eladrin allies on the other. The Shade Princes, War Wizards, and High Mages have studied each other's strengths and weaknesses for thousands of years. The only thing that has kept the sides from each other's throats is fear of the utter devastation that an all-out war between such magical giants would cause. But something has disturbed this precarious balance. The power of Shade Enclave is growing; not even the greatest of heroes could prevent the fall of Elturel. If the forces of light don't strike back now, it may soon be too late...

This is a two-round continuous-play Living Forgotten Realms Battle Interactive set in Netheril for characters of the Heroic and Paragon tiers (levels 1-20). You should allow 9 hours of play time to run this event (we recommend two 4-hour back-to-back slots with a 1-hour break). This adventure is combat-intensive. Players who do not enjoy combat  encounters are less likely to enjoy this adventure.