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SKIRMISH SANGIN is a new set of skirmish rules for wargaming modern Afghanistan. Written and designed by New Zealand Company Radio Dishdash Ltd. It is building a great name for itself internationally as you can see by the review in Wargames Soldiers & Strategy.


"The way Skirmish Sangin has been written with its narrative-based play certainly makes it unlike any other game on the market. If you want a modern-period skirmish game, it is worth picking up a copy. You won't be disappointed..."

Paul Burkin
Wargames Soldiers & Strategy (Issue 66)


The authors will be running a demo game and fielding any questions that people may have through out the weekend.


We’ll also be releasing our first supplement Sangin Despatches No.1 and our new range of 28mm Modern Kiwi/Australian figures.


So if you interested in playing something a bit different, that reflects the intenseness adrenaline fuelled modern warfare, while still dealing with the responsibility of command, with rules that are simple to learn come along and have a game with us.


SKIRMISH SANGIN will be set up in the Main Hall area for Saturday only.