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Sunday Timetable


9am doors open to the public.

9am regos open for BattleCry Legacy. ($20 or $15 for under 15yrs) (max 32 players)*

9:30am Commander pods, Planechase pods, ArchEnemy pods, casual dueling begins. (Cost: Free) 

10am BattleCry Legacy starts - to finish based on players.*

10:30am side event. "Draft". Pods of 8. (Cost: $20). Promo cards and booster prizes.*

11:30am side event. "Modern". Minimum of 8, Max of 16. (Cost: Free)*

1:30pm side event. Special "Pauper" Commander. Pods begin. (Cost: Free).


* all events offered will run if the minimum number of 8 players is present.