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Drafts on Demand

BattleCry is proud to present it's Drafts on Demand area for Magic the Gathering CCG. An area will be set up for people to take part in Booster Drafts. Every hour a sign up sheet will be available to sign up for a Booster Draft with Born of the God boosters. If 8 or more players choose to sign up, the Draft will run. If less than 8 players choose to sign up the list will be offered at the start of the next hour.

The Drafts on Demand will cost $20.

Please check the timetable board each day for start times.

This price covers the cost of 1 booster of Born of the God, 2 boosters of Theros and any land cards needed to create a Booster Draft 40-card Deck.

Drafts on Demand will have prizes of boosters for the Top 3 plus promo card prizes. Only players still in the Draft at the end of the event will be eligible for prizes.

Everyone taking part in a Drafts on Demand event will also earn a Magic Challenge Raffle Ticket to go into the draw to win more prizes at the end of the convention.