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BattleCry GP Trial Melbourne

Join us at BattleCry on Sunday 19th February for this awesome event. The event is a STANDARD constructed event. The winner will win 3 BYES for GP Melbourne. Every player will win a prize plus one RANDOM player still playing in the last round will also WIN Pre-Release Sealed events for a year*.
Cost: $25 (on the day)
Under 15yrs $15 (on the day)

Pay before the 10th of February and only pay $20! ($10 if under 15) and you will also receive a special raffle ticket to go in the draw for extra prizes. To pre-register fill in the on-line form here:

Registrations open 9am
Registrations close 9:45am
Round 1 begins 10am.

Deck lists are required.
Please bring your DCI number when you register.

Each round will be 50 minutes.
There will be a top 4 or 8 dependant on starting number of players.

Rules for Standard Constructed:

* The winner of the Random Prize will get to nominate 1 Pre-Release Sealed event for each new Magic the Gathering set from February 18th 2012 until February 16th 2013 that they will attend and BattleCry will pay for it.