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Warmachine 2016

BattleCry proudly presents Warmachine details for 2016.

Tournament Organiser is Daryl Painter.

This is a 1 day event being held on Sunday.

Limited to 24 players.

This is a 50 point, Steamroller 2015 event. Players may bring up to two lists using Divide and Conquer 0. Players may use the Season 3 ADR roster if they wish. Fully painted is encouraged but not required. Event format will be 4 rounds of Swiss Chess, using a 1 hour Deathclock.


Tournament Entry Charges

Pre-registration - November 10th to January 31st 2016 $20

Anyone who pre-registers and pays after Dec 31st but before Jan 31st will receive one extra free raffle ticket and a special BattleCry 2016 objective token.

Pre-registration - Paying On the Day option $30