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Saturday 21st February

Session 2: 2pm to 5pm

Tombstone: A Wild West Role-Playing Game

Wanted: Dead or Alive. A murderer is loose in the town of Silverton. Vengeance is sought to bring the assailant to justice. Do you have the grit to find the culprit? Join creator Corey Walden as you play the role of a civil war veteran, a fierce Indian brave, a wily gambler, a diehard outlaw or a gregarious holy-roller.

Forget rule-heavy systems, Tombstone is designed to be fast, fun and deadly. Pick a pre-gen or make your own character within a few minutes. Tombstone captures the romance, adventure and grit of the Wild West. Just don’ go cryin’ to yer momma when yer die!

Table numbers are limited to 6 spaces maximum.

Game Designer: Corey Walden